Love Your Block

The annual Love Your Block was Saturday, May 19th and it was a success! Members of the Roslindale community met at Chua Vietnam Temple and worked together to clean up the surrounding street, sidewalks, and trails. Thanks to everyone who came out to help!  

Casserly House
Casserly House Garden

ASP Volunteer Martha donated plants and knowledge to help the Casserly kids start a garden! The students were not afraid to get their hands dirty (and even elected to dig for worms) while we planted sugar snap peas and strawberries. The kids are excited to help the plants grow!

Casserly House
FJV Breda Stops By!

Last year's After School Coordinator, Breda stopped by Casserly House to say hello to our morning and afternoon students. Breda is currently teaching English in Chongqing and showed our students the long journey she took to Boston, shared some Chinesee Yuan currency, and showed us how to count in Mandirin. Come back soon, Breda! 

Casserly House
Learn more about the Bus Lane Pilot Program on Washington St!

The Boston Transportation Department announced that, in partnership with the MBTA, the City of Boston will implement a four-week pilot program beginning Monday, May 7, to comprehensively test the effectiveness of a dedicated bus lane in Roslindale.  Until Friday, June 1st, no parking will be allowed on the inbound side of Washington St. form Cummins Hwy to Forest Hills Station Monday through Friday from 5:00 AM until 9:00 AM to allow for a pilot bus lane during peak morning commuting hours. Vehicles parked on the inbound side during these hours will be towed.

Read here for more information.


Jen Reis
Coffee with the Mayor

Casserly House morning students had the oppurtunity to meet with Mayor Walsh this morning when he stopped by Adam's Park in Roslindale Square. 

Casserly House
WalkUP Roslindale!

Thank you to Matt Lawlor from WalkUP Roslindale who came to Casserly today to speak to our adult learners about the proposed Arboretum Gateway Path!  Be sure to click on WalkUP Roslindale and learn more about the proposal!

Jen ReisComment
Got slime?

Yesterday during our ASP, things got a little.....slimy.  >:-o



Jen Reis
Casserly Girls Hit the Courts

Deputy Superintendent Nora Baston took two of our After School girls for a day of core, conditioning, and fundamentals. They showed determination and grit while in the company of fellow smart, strong, and tough women. Our girls can ball! Thank you to Deputy Nora, Boston Police Athletic League, and the Boys and Girls Club! 

Casserly House
Casserly House receives a grant from Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley's office!

Casserly House has been awarded a grant by Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley's office for our continued efforts in "keeping Suffolk County youth away from drugs, violence, and negative choices." This was the eighth year we have been awarded a grant, and we truly value the ongoing partnership with the DA's office. The grant will help us maintain and enhance our after-school program and summer educational camp.  Thank you @DADanConley !!

Jen Reis
Immigrants' Day at the State House

On April 5th a group of ESOL students ventured to the State House to attend MIRA Coalition's Immigrants' Day. We listened to advocates and representatives speak and rallied for funding for Immigration reform including more ESOL classes like the one here at Casserly House. It was such a unique uppourtunity for our students to experiemce! 

Casserly House
Easter Prayer Service

On Thursday friends gathered at Casserly House to celebrate Easter. We lead prayers, exchanged Easter baskets, and shared favorite memories of past spring seasons and new hopes for the incoming one. Thank you to everyone who joined us! 

Casserly House
Thank you to Charles River Church in Roslindale!

A big thank you to @CRCBoston for volunteering their time and talents to give Casserly House a new fresh coat of paint in our classrooms!  On Sunday March 22nd members of the Charles River Church parish participated in #ServeRozzie day.  We are so thankful for all the volunteers who came to help!  As always, Casserly is happy to have also connected with a new "dear neighbor" in Roslindale! 

Jennie Reis
Congratulations Suzette!

Casserly House celebrated our new citizen - Suzette!  Suzette passed her citizenship exam and is the newest US citizen at Casserly House!  Join us in congratulating her! 

Jen Reis
Casserly House awarded the Highland Street Foundation Grant for the 10th consecutive year!

Highland Street Foundation graciously awards Casserly House a grant for the 10th consecutive year! We would like to recognize and thank Holly and David Bruce of the Highland Street Foundation for making this donation possible. We are so appreciative of the ongoing support Highland Street Foundation has shown!  To find out more about Highland Street, check out:

Highland Street Foundation New 2010.jpg
Jennie Reis
Ice skating in shorts

The Casserly House kids went ice skating in shorts yesterday in the 70° sunshine! Thanks to the Highland Street Foundation Winter Camp for keeping Frog Pond frozen in the February sun.

Therapy Dogs of Massachusetts

Our new friend, Holly stopped by yesterday with Therapy Dogs of Massachusetts to listen to our ASP kids read. Our kids are strong readers and Holly is a great listener!

Super Bowl

FJV Ryan Anna (and current After School Coordinator Kelsey) from Philadelphia challenged the Casserly House After School kids to a bet this Super Bowl... the kids kept their end! Go Eagles!! **this post is not approved by the many Pats fans here at Casserly House