HOLA from Casserly House: “It was amazing!”

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Pictured above: Jayden and Jayanna

Donna Stiglmeier, Director of Casserly House

From Casserly House, four of our children, Grades 4-6, participated in a 5-week summer program called Hale Outdoor Learning Adventure (HOLA) in Westwood. A learning component along with the activities of swimming, arts and crafts, dance/music, etc. ensued. “I had so much fun; I liked the ropes the best,” reports Sofia enthusiastically. Jayden liked “making new friends” the best, along with the overnight. After Jayanna said, “I liked the art projects, the beach, and boating,” Jayden added, “Oh, yeah, kayaking.” Kamila chimed, “It was amazing!”

HOLA is for 10 Boston Public Elementary Schools, although they welcomed Casserly House warmly after some persistent outreach, open conversation, and space was available! HOLA is free of charge and includes transportation and meals. Casserly House assisted parents with the online applications and multi-stepped registration – no small task for some families who are speakers of other languages!

Due to a timely donation from the Spirit of Life Community, Casserly House gave campers a gift bag of a towel, sunscreen, SPF lip balm, insect repellent, snack, and a gift card for purchase of other required things. Here’s Sofia and her mom, Belkis.

Kamila with a goodie bag

Sofia at the pond!