The Core Team

The Core Team is a creative, dedicated, innovative and compassionate team who advocate for, and with, the local community on issues that impact the everyday lives of its members. To learn more about the Casserly House Core Team click on their photo. 

Donna Stiglmeier

Sheila Rourke Photo

Sheila Rourke
Program Manager

Lynda Wallack Photo

Lynda Wallack
Program Manager

Mary O’Sullivan Photo

Mary O’Sullivan
Program Manager

Briana Barnett Photo

Briana Barnett
After School Coordinator

Board Members

Casserly House Advisory Board is made up of seven individuals from the greater Roslindale community. The board meets three times a year to provide assistance and guidance in order to best fulfill the mission of Casserly House. 

Sarah Markell

Jim McCarthy

Ed Roach

Marian Batho, CSJ

Mary Gowern, CSJ

Olga Viasus

Donna Sullivan