Library Field Trips with ESOL

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A group of people smiling together, including State Senator Mike Rush and State Rep Consalvo
Pictured above: Local librarian of the Roslindale library branch, Jennifer Hawes, spoke with learners about how to check out books, use computers and printers, and how to access other resources through the library.

by Mary Beth O’Sullivan, Ignatian Volunteer

How many people know that you can learn English, Spanish and many other languages online, make print copies, and get seeds at the Roslindale branch of the Boston Public Library? The adult learners at Casserly House are aware of these resources thanks to Jennifer Hawes, the head librarian in Roslindale. 

May 20th and May 21st, we walked to the library to take a tour of its services and learn more about the opportunities available. 

Ms. Hawes prepared a presentation illustrating many of the services provided by the library and then walked through the library with learners so they could locate books, magazines, computers and printers. All adult learners now have library cards and have access to an amazing amount of free information and entertainment. 

Pictured above: Jennifer Hawes demonstrated how to print from a computer at the library. Anyone who lives in Massachusetts can receive a Boston Public Library card, and they can print up to $20 worth of material each month.