After School Program Volunteer

The main responsibility of a tutor for our After School Program is homework facilitation. A tutor will usually be assigned to a single student, but sometimes oversee a few. Our students range from grades 1st – 5th, so no specialized knowledge is necessary for helping with homework. However, if a tutor does have a certain interest or knack, we’d love to take advantage of it. Know a lot about history? You could be our resident historian! Love to do math? Come pass your passion for numbers down to our students.

When the students have completed their homework, there’s often free time left for games and reading. Here, a tutor’s interests can again come into play. Do you love to draw, know some theater techniques, have a great singing voice? We’d love for you to show our students the joy you find in your hobbies, so they can, too. Most importantly, an After School tutor should be flexible and ready to have fun. Our students are enthusiastic, so our tutors are, too. We want everyone who leaves Casserly House to be happier than when they came, and that happiness is contagious!

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