About Donna

I am so pleased to be serving as Casserly House Director, in my neighborhood of Roslindale. I have a passion for relationship building, developing organizational capacity, advocating for systems change, and beginning new community initiatives. My professional life builds bridges across cultures and collaboration across sectors, including faith-based, labor, health care and financial institutions, government, and philanthropy. I studied at University of Notre Dame and Boston College spanning business, community-level social work, and theology. Originally from Buffalo, I have lived and worked in Boston most of my adult life. After working in partnership with several MA immigrant communities, I moved to Cochabamba, Bolivia, and finally learned Spanish. In Bolivia for three and one-half years, I coached a women’s artisan cooperative named “Tantakuna” (Quechuan for “to meet together”). Before my time at Casserly House, I was a strategic consultant for many not-for-profit organizations focused on community development. I enjoy cycling and hiking, sharing meals and music with family and friends, and immersing myself in the many cultures of the people with whom Casserly House connects.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/donna-stiglmeier-boston