About Sheila 

Sheila Rourke is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. Before joining the Casserly House team, she was a financial analyst for a public utility for over 30 years. She also volunteered with community tax aid and served at a family shelter in the metro west suburbs of Boston. In 2018, Sheila became a part of Casserly House because she passionately believes in the immigrant-centered mission, and is inspired by the compassion and care seen throughout. Sheila desires to work toward her belief that all individuals be treated with respect and dignity, without regard to origin, race, creed, or social identity. She believes everyone should be given the tools and opportunity to succeed in a warm and welcoming environment. She is excited to bring the knowledge she gained from her past experiences in education, finance, and accounting to Casserly House. When she’s not at Casserly House, Sheila likes to read, hike, and spend time with family and friends!