Gifts of Warmth… Abundance

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Donna Stiglmeier, Director of Casserly House

For the first time, Project Linus reached out to Casserly House to donate handmade blankets for our Roslindale neighbors. Over 25 were donated!   

“For my baby!” with surprise, exclaimed one mother. 

While talking on the phone with another parent, her third grade daughter added, “Thank you so much, I have it around me right now!”   

An adult learner was wrapped in smiles as well as the blanket for her family! In addition, Saint Nectarios Greek Church reached out with some meals to complement the meals/turkeys offered by Boston Police E-5 Officers, City of Boston, and other Roslindale neighborhood partners! Walnut Park School, Spirit of Life Community, and a CSJ community continued giving gift cards this year too. The deep gratitude expressed by the families is heartwarming! It was an abundance of sharing, warmth, and food! THANK YOU!