Expanding the Circle: October Meetings at Casserly House

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Photo: Parent Workshop at Casserly House 

Mary Beth O’Sullivan, Ignatian Volunteer 

How do I help my children with their homework? When will the bus arrive? Parents have many questions such as these. Erin O’Brien, Family Liaison from the Sumner Elementary School in Roslindale, provided answers and contact numbers to questions posed at a parent workshop entitled “Supporting Your Child’s Education” held at Casserly House on the evening of October 20th.  Erin also reminded parents that all children have a right to education regardless of parents’ immigration status. BPS does not share this information, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is not allowed to visit schools. Parents left this workshop helping each other and empowered with more tools in their tool chest to assist their children. 

Earlier in the month, Casserly House was highlighted at an Ignatian Volunteer Gathering. Sheila Rourke and I spoke of working with English Language Learners and other initiatives. We received positive feedback; our presentation resonated with many because people and places are going through much transition in the post-COVID world. One attendee suggested a business contact that might provide financial support.  

In other meetings with The Imago Dei Fund, Roslindale Leaders Group, Adult Literacy Planning Committee and others, the circle expands.