Casserly House Hosts Afrika Gente Jazz Trio for Roslindale Porch Fest

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Donna Stiglmeier, Director of Casserly House

On the beautiful Saturday afternoon of September 24th, Casserly House, for the first time, hosted a band for Porch Fest, a free music festival featuring over 100 bands on porches and in driveways across Roslindale.  

The lively “Afrika Gente Trio” had neighbors dancing and people gathering! Face painting by April Andrews was enjoyed by young and old!  

Finding a band that reflects our amazingly diverse mix of immigrants was serendipitous! Roslindale Bulletin journalist, Mary Ellen Gambon, began her day at Casserly House interviewing Cornell Coley, the African Latin Trio leader, in order to highlight this new partnership between Casserly House, our neighborhood, and Roslindale overall!