Celebrating the End of School

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On June 9th we joined together with the After School students for an End of the School Year celebration on Zoom, in which we recognized the perseverance and resilience they showed during a challenging year and celebrated the beginning of summer. Our students began virtual school last spring and did not return to in-person school until late April 2021, during which time our programs were also online. They were exhausted by online school but they continued to exhibit growth in the face of adversity and we are so incredibly proud of them!

We are also so grateful for our dedicated volunteers who helped make the After School Program happen this year! In a year in which we were all missing human interaction and connection, we did our best to support the After School students from a distance and maintain our close community. We applaud our volunteers’ dedication to creating a warm, welcoming space online. 

Our Zoom celebration included a show from the amazing Davey the Clown, an award for each student and special recognition for our student who graduated from the After School Program. It was wonderful to come together as a community and celebrate all of the students’ achievements. We also prepared summer goody bags for the students to help show them how proud we are. Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer!