June Update

Latest News

Students in the Casserly House After School Program have started going back to in-person school, which has created excitement and hope in the community. We can see how this change has positively impacted the students’ grades and overall well being. Casserly House continues to offer virtual tutoring and game Zooms to keep up morale until the end of school. In mid-June we have four students who are graduating from 5th grade and one student graduating from our program! We can’t wait to celebrate with them with festive goody bags and a Zoom celebration. We are also looking forward to our Summer Enrichment Program, which we will be holding in-person!

While working with our adult students throughout the pandemic, we have grown more aware of people’s desire for citizenship. Due to the limitations of Zoom we look forward to offering in-person citizenship classes. Recently we have held Zooms for our ESOL tutors and students as a way to promote community building. We recognize that a big part of our ESOL classes when they are in-person is getting to meet other English learners and form relationships, which is a challenge in our one-on-one tutoring sessions. On May 20th we celebrated our ESOL students at the 2021 Roslindale ESOL Student Recognition Day Zoom. In special recognition was Stella, who continues to work hard on her citizenship and in her English classes.