Casserly House Update!

Latest News

During the past few months Casserly House has continued to adjust to virtual programming. The After School Program (ASP) students have been working hard in online school, but being on Zoom calls all day has brought many challenges. For several students, virtual learning is draining and much less engaging, but they continue to be persistent. In an attempt to raise the spirits of the students, Casserly House has held several holiday Zooms and game Zooms for the students and Casserly community. Usually the last months of the year are kept busy with holiday celebrations at Casserly House, but this year we had to stick to Zoom celebrations. Luckily, Zoom does provide a unique experience in what games can be played with the students, and they definitely have some favorites!

Casserly House hosted their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Prayer Services on Zoom this year. Although it was strange not to be in person together, the community was still able to come together and connect over prayers and poems. The Casserly community offered up their gratitude at the Thanksgiving Prayer Service and shared prayers, some of which were led by ASP students. At the Christmas Prayer Service the ASP students received a special Zoom appearance from Santa, and they performed sign language to Jingle Bells! It was a joyful time to spend together with staff, volunteers, students, and community members.

The adult students at Casserly House have also been working hard in their ESOL and citizenship classes. We are so proud of them. In October a student passed their citizenship test!

We look forward to what this new year brings at Casserly House for all of our students!