Clowning Around for the End of School

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This Thursday, we joined together with all of Casserly After School to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. This year hasn’t been an easy one, but we are so proud of the resiliency our students have shown. This spring, everyone was forced to step up to the plate in different ways that stretched their roles and tested their skills. Students adapted to a new normal online, parents adapted to filling the role of teacher, and our whole Casserly community adapted to creating a warm, welcoming space at a distance. Something we are not used to, as we pride ourselves on being a ‘face to face’ organization.

With a special Zoom performance from Davey the Clown, visits from college-bound tutors, and special recognition for our own 7th graders who are aging out of the program, Thursday gave us all a little reminder of the importance of finding joy through community. We’d like to thank our wonderful tutors for their support throughout this journey of distance learning, and we want to wish everyone a happy, healthy summer!