Monday May 26 After School for Online Learners

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June is almost here, and young students might be feeling a bit of end-of-year fatigue. Particularly with kids at home and not able to partake in end-of-year celebrations with classmates, it is important they get an opportunity to wrap up their year and reflect on what this topsy-turvy year has meant to them.

Here are some end of school ideas to encourage kids to look back on the academic year and finish on a strong note!

  1. Have them make a timeline of their school year with ‘peaks and valleys’. What went well and what didn’t go well? What was the highlight of their year? The timeline can be decorated and a nice reflective, creative outlet for kids to put experiences into context.

  2. Have them make a “memory jar”. They can write down memories on little slips of paper and put them in a jar to look back on in years to come. The jar can be decorated with stickers, ribbon, paint, whatever you have on hand.

  3. Have them make ‘superlatives’ for their friends and send them in the mail! This can be a fun idea for kids to have interaction with friends or classmates they haven’t seen in a while. They can think “Most Likely To…” awards or superlatives acknowledging their classmate’s strengths. Examples are “Most Likely to Win Class President” or “Best Dancer”. It is important to keep these statements positive, but could be a nice surprise for a classmate to receive in the mail!