Thursday, May 21 Star of the Week!

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This Thursday’s Star of the Week is one of our After School Students, Abraham. Abraham has always been a great big brother, but quarantine has turned him into a SUPER brother! Juggling schoolwork and a schedule of his own, Abraham helps his 3rd grade little brother get online to zoom meetings and homework sessions. When asked how he balances it, he said “I do some of my work before I help my brother with things he needs help with. Then I finish my work, so I have some free time and am able to go ride my bike for a bit.”

Abraham has been a huge help at Casserly House over the years in mentoring and serving as an example for our younger students. Now in 7th grade, he wears this responsibility with pride. He even showed me around the neighborhood when I first got to Casserly House in August and helped organize the community Thanksgiving basketball game! Always a helping hand to those who need it, and making others feel included when they may feel left out, Abraham is truly a Super Star and we are so happy to have him part of the Casserly family!