Thursday Star(s) of the Week: Newton Country Day School Volunteers!

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The spirit of Casserly House is made so special, in part, through the dedicated volunteers that make our programming possible. Newton Country Day School students have volunteered on a monthly basis with our After School Students all year, and found a wonderful way to stay involved even at a distance.

Senior, Katelyn McGauley, a weekly Casserly House volunteer, and the Director of Community Service, Mark Potter, didn’t skip a beat in offering to organize the NCDS community’s helping hands in any way. Along with the help of thirteen other students, they were able to fundraise and organize an Amazon activity drive for our After School students. Seen in the smiles of the recipients below, the thoughtfulness and generosity of the NCDS community truly brightened the day of so many!

Staying at home for young kids brings many new challenges. These activities, games, and school supplies will help many of our students stay engaged and motivated in the coming weeks as they seek to finish out the school year while staying safe at home. We want to extend a huge thank you to Katelyn and Mark for organizing, and for all of the members of the NCDS community who have taken part in the fundraising efforts!