Monday 4/20 After School for Online Learners

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Today marks Patriot’s Day, the originally scheduled date for the 2020 Boston Marathon. To honor those who trained so hard to run on Marathon Monday, today we encourage everyone to get their bodies moving! Here are some tips below to encourage daily movement for your child at home, and some opportunities to get moving together!

  1. Plot out a ‘fun run’ course for your children to let off some steam outside. It could be in a parking lot, around an apartment building, or a nearby field that’s open. Courses can be any length, but adding music, costumes, ‘medals’ or even participation bibs can make it extra fun.

  2. If running isn’t feasible, a walking course is equally as motivating! You could set up a ‘marathon walk’ where you walk, skip, or dance, for 26.2 minutes. You and your child can feel accomplished and work towards a goal together!

  3. You can even set up an obstacle course ‘race’ around the apartment or house. After you carefully hide any precious family heirlooms, and all schoolwork is done of course, place pillows, chairs, or blankets in a line to create an ‘over-under’ course. Hop over the pillows, crawl under the chairs, use the blanket as a jump rope three times! Plenty of opportunity for creativity here. Time it, make it a competition for siblings, provide dessert incentive… whatever might spark the competitive spirit and joy of movement in your children!

Stay safe, get moving, and Happy (original) Marathon Monday!

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