Wednesday 4/15 After School for Online Learners

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It’s Wacky Wednesday! A day where everything is backward, down is up, and things are goofy. Try out these silly word activities with your student, using opposites and Simon Says. Or maybe even create your own “madlib” for a fun story-telling exercise. Also, below are some craft ideas drawn from “The Home School Resource Room” to make everyday art a little more goofy. Wishing you all a wonderful, wacky, Wednesday!

1. Switch out painting supplies:
Use a toothbrush, stick with leaves at the end, or celery and green onions instead of a paintbrush to make a wacky painting.

2. Draw or color upside down:
Tape paper to the underside of your table or desk and draw on the “ceiling.”

3. Wacky open ended craft:
Create a wacky invitation to play. It’s simple: gather scissors, glue, tape, construction paper, and googly eyes and challenge your kids to create the wackiest monster, robot, or dinosaur-chicken-rabbit. Think wacky!