Thursday 4/09 After School for Online Learners

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The start of spring brings a great opportunity to learn and explore the natural world around us. While the current crisis forces us inside, the world is still blooming and ecosystems are still humming along! Here are some opportunities to engage with the natural world and learn about conservation efforts being taken to sustain it.

  1. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Heal the Bay hosts kid-friendly “Knowledge Drops,” a Science Education Series, free to everyone online! This Friday’s webinar is on the Clean Water Act at 4:30 EST. They have all of the past webinars recorded on this webpage for you to explore as well!

2. Unable to host their normal whale watching excursions, Nona the Naturalist and her team at Dana Point Whale Watching have launched daily videos teaching about whales, many of which can be spotted off of Boston’s very own shores! Join them for some fun learning opportunities about animals, some of which call Boston home.

3. Relatedly, check out these “virtual dives” published by NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries!

4. Lastly, here is a live butterfly stream from the San Diego Zoo. Learn of the importance of butterflies, pollination, and the life cycle of a butterfly!