Tuesday 4/07 After School for Online Learners

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On this day, April 7th, in 1948, the World Health Organization was formed. Since then, the WHO has designated April 7th as World Health Day. In a time where news of sickness floods our senses and affects our daily lives, we can also take a moment to honor and appreciate the steps the international community has taken to ensure the equitable access of health services across the globe over time. In a time of pandemic, everyone is affected. The WHO reminds us of the power and potential of global cooperation to solve issues on the global scale. Fittingly, this year’s World Health Day is dedicated to the incredible nurses across the world. To honor World Health Day and all of those working to ensure our health throughout this time, here are some ideas to do at home!

  1. Write a letter of appreciation to a health care worker, nurse, or doctor that you know. If you don’t know any personally, you can write letters of encouragement to the staff at your local hospital and send them in the mail!

  2. Primary care doctors can’t check in with their regular patients, and for many pediatricians that is one of the main joys of the job! Send your child’s primary care physician a photo of them and a note to ensure them they’re doing okay.

  3. Have your child draw a picture of what health means to them, or a word collage of things that make you healthy! Use up some old magazines and have them clip words and pictures to make a collage.

Thank you to all of the health care workers in Boston and beyond who are being examples of love and hope in the world to those who need them. We appreciate you today and every day!

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