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Opportunities for learning are everywhere, even if it doesn’t seem like it! Here are some tricks to create math exercises from daily activities in the house.

  1. Cooking? Ask your elementary student who is working on fractions to double or half the recipe for you.

  2. Cleaning? Have your child help you and send them on a scavenger hunt to find different shapes around the house and write them down. You can start with triangles, squares, and rhombuses!

  3. Preparing for a grocery shop? Ask your young learner to count the change in your wallet. Many students are getting familiar with the value of different coins. This is a great arithmetic and memory exercise!

  4. At the store? (Or creating a pretend one if your kids are staying home) Calculate the price of several items and mimic an exchange of money and change. How much did we give the cashier? How much will we receive in change?

Learning is all around us, and finding ways in everyday life to show kids how those sticky fractions relate to daily tasks can be a hidden grace in this out-of-school new normal.

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