Continuing to Serve Our Dear Neighbor

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In the face of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of the near future, Pope Francis calls us to “respond with the universality of prayer, of compassion, of tenderness. Let us unite. Let us make our closeness felt to the people who are most alone and most deprived.” Serving the vulnerable in our society during this time is more important now than ever, even if done at a distance. At Casserly House, we will be posting daily resources on our Facebook page for parents at home with children, continuing to support our After School families through virtual tutoring, and working towards creating online avenues for ESOL continuation. In these unprecedented times, we are reminded to heed Pope Francis’ call to meet all of those around us with compassion, and to rise to the tasks within our control. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are most affected by this crisis, and we continue to renew our commitment to our Dear Neighbor throughout this difficult time.