Stop, Block, Talk: Online Safety with Officer Nicole Grant

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Our After-School Program students are kids of the 21st century. Not only do they play video games with their friends and use YouTube to listen to their favorite music, but their homework often requires them to go online to do research and create presentations. With so much of life occurring in the digital realm, online safety is an important area for learning and growth.

That’s why we are so thankful for Officer Nicole Grant, who stopped by yesterday to help our kids learn some valuable skills for being safe and having fun online! Officer Nicole shared some great tips as well as a song to help us remember the three cardinal rules of online safety: Stop, Block, and Talk. Kids know that if they ever feel uncomfortable online, they should STOP what they are doing, BLOCK the person making them uncomfortable, and TALK to a trusted adult.

Thank you, Officer Nicole, for sharing your time with us!