Occupational Therapy Interns at Casserly House

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This spring, we are excited to have four new interns with us at Casserly! Judy, Rheannon, Taylor, and Katelyn are Master’s students studying occupational therapy at Regis College. Occupational therapists work to help their patients achieve tasks efficiently and safely, often supporting people with learning disabilities or physical limitations. At Casserly House, these OT students work with both our ESOL learners and our After-School students. When working with our ESOL students, the OTs might break down complex tasks like opening a bank account or boarding a flight and isolate the linguistic and cultural skills needed to complete those tasks. With our After-School students, the OTs might help kids handle “sensory overload” and other stresses in a healthy manner.

We are so grateful to the OT students for the time they spend at Casserly, and we are excited to continue this partnership with Regis College!