Welcome to Casserly House

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42 Stellman Rd.
Roslindale, MA 02131




A center for learning,
 assistance, and caring  for the
 multiethnic and underserved
peoples of our community.

A ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston,
the mission of Casserly House is to be a living
 presence in our Roslindale neighborhood,
one that fosters unity of people with one
 another and with God.
Our motto is:
"Rooted in Boston, Open to the World."

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If you would like to help at Casserly House, we are always looking for volunteers. There are opportunities with our adult ESOL classes and our After-School Program.

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casserlyhouse@gmail.com with your address to learn more about Casserly House and the work that we do. 

"It is a gift to us. It's not just what's happening on Stellman Road, but it's what's happening globally and how we're able to respond to it...I was out on the street, sweeping, and a lady crossed the street and said, "Are you going to help us with English?". So anyway, I got out the card table and two chairs, and I think that was the beginning of that."
-- Sister Nancy Braceland, CSJ