Plimoth Plantation

We had so much fun at Plimoth  Plantation today! We started off at the Wampanoag village where we got to go inside a real-life Wetu. Inside, there was a Wompanoag who told us all about his daily life - like what he ate, what he learned, and how he had fun. Then, we got to go to the pilgrims' settlement where we met many pilgrims who had come over on the Mayflower. They told us what the journey was like, if they liked the New World, and what they all did for jobs at Plimoth. Guess what... Pilgrims at Plimoth don't know what a high-five is! They greet you by taking off their hat and bowing. The Casserly House kids learned how to bow, and the Pilgrims learned how to high five!

Casserly House