About Jen

Jennie Reis, a Massachusetts native assumed the role of Director at Casserly House in the summer of 2017.  Jen has worked in several of the sponsored ministries of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, including interning at Casserly House in 2002.  Prior to returning to Casserly, she was a Director in the office of Campus Ministry at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  Jen is honored and humbled to be given the stewardship of the mission and ministry of Casserly House.  She brings her creativity, empathy, advocacy and a great sense of humor!  She also brings a passion for education, especially to the marginalized.  Outside of Casserly House, Jen embraces her creativity by painting, carving, glassblowing, or creating music.  She also has a lovable dog, Gracie, who usually is the one who gets to decide how her free time outside of Casserly is spent!